Former Puntland President Abdurahman Shiekh Mohamed Faroole has on Saturday arrived in Mogadishu to declare his Presidential bid to Somalia’s top position.

Speaking with reporters at Aadan Aade airport, Farole has said that Somalia is in a transition, expecting a leader who could band together All Somalis.

He said the he would restore justice, peace and development, if he is elected in the top position, calling MPs to avoid corruption and malpractices during the presidential election which is set to happen very soon.

“Internal rifts have evaded us to rebuild our own nation which has plenty of resources including rivers and second largest sea in Africa” Farole has told reporters in Mogadishu.

He said he would not bribe MPs to be elected as Somalia president , saying lawmakers have moral obligations to deter such conducts “ he added.

Somalia has recently elected Prof. Mohamed Osman Jawar as the nation’s parliament speaker , in an election which let him to remain at office in second term.