Somali forces in Baay region reportedly killed top Al-shabaab figure in Eel-Dhuun village which is 45 km north of Baydhabo, officials said.

Police said that an operation which is spearheaded by the regional forces brought the development which the police captured Abdulaahi Gaab who is identified as potential threat to security.

In Afgooye Al-shabaab militants ambushed regional forces, killing two soldiers on Friday after a heavy fighting between the forces and the Somali militants.

“Al-Shabaab militants attacked us from three directions including the police station and from the river side, then heavy fighting broke out here mid night. We killed six Al-Shabaab militants including their commander,”  a military commander  Abdinaasir Aalim Ibrahim has said.

The anti al-shabaab operations in south-west regions resulted major gains in recent weeks according to officials in Baydhabo.