Somalia’s enclave state of Somaliland last week arrested four aspiring musicians at Egal Airport in Hargaisa for only waving the Somali flag and staging a tuneful show in the Somali capital Mogadishu. The reluctant arrest which was illicit move saw immense criticism on the administration.

The nation which has suffered for more than two decades of conflict recently is trying to brim over all security challenges and attracted foreign investments with booming rebuilding in the capital, thanks to AMISOM’s annexation in Mogadishu.

In Somalia a couple of artists and journalists were targeted by anonymous groups since the civil war erupted in the horn of African nation. The Band director Hassan Dhuhul aka Laabsalah said that government soldiers had arrested his colleagues and forcibly taken away what they earn from Mogadishu.

Hassan noted that Horn stars not only sing for Somaliland but also for whole Somali speakers’ across the continent and the arrest would trigger superfluous oversights against them. In my opinion horn star’s return in Hargaisa unharmed shows how Somali capital is recovering from a long civil war coma and probably is what Silanyo and his political aides irritated.

I don’t know when visiting Mogadishu turn into offense while we have high ranked officials who hail from Somaliland and currently serving for the nation. Are they got arrested if they went to Hargaisa ? I don’t think so and instead of detention they would receive exquisite salutation with red carpets.

Politically, the state had declared an independence from the rest in 1991, but societies were too incorporated and even their politicians seek their share when international community is talking about Somali interests.

In an interview with local TV, the band director said why his collogues are raided while illustrious merchants from Somaliland are in Mogadishu, stressing that horn stars stands for every Somali speaker.

Social media users have been considering a response from Somaliland’s elite people and their politicians in Mogadishu on the latest arrest, but fortunately the detained artists got their freedom back on bail.

The recent arrest can push ahead for the Band’s delusion in restoring united Somalia through their beautiful literature and the change will be on the horizon before long. In Addition literature has no base in politics.

I can’t verify whether Somaliland’s big companies are financing terror threats in Mogadishu and elsewhere in East Africa, but still the self declared state has very valuable inland people who can be a byword for the next generation.