MOGADISHU,(SAHALNEWS)-Former Kenyan Deputy Parliament Farah Moalin has harshly condemned UAE over its political misconduct in Somalia after it severally alleged of engulfing political instability in the horn of African country.

The Ex speaker has called Federal Gov’t to shutdown UAE embassy in Mogadishu and also close all their military training facilities in the capital and elsewhere in the region.

“Farmaajo/Khyare throw out the Emirates thugs in Mogadishu, for allah’s sake close their embassy and training facilities in Mogadishu “Farah has said in a twitter post on Saturday evening.

“If your intelligence service has reliable evidence of UAE terrorists activities rise the issue at the UN, don’t wait for them to destroy Somalia” he said.

A highly trained UAE soldiers on Saturday raided a home owned by a prominent Somali senator AbdiQaybdiid in Somali’s Mogadishu.

The Gov’t has said that perpetrators will face consequences as a result of their raid on the house.

UAE which now has an embassy in Mogadishu was accused of supporting political opponents in the fragile country.