MOGADISHU,(SAHALNEWS)-Somalia Gov’t on Thursday officially launched a fully equipped center which it aims to control its airspace which is being run by the ICAO’s office in Nairobi.

United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization which take over the airspace management in 1991 and the Federal have been at loggerheads on issues concerning the airspace control.

“It is a great honor for us to witness this historic day that we retake control and management of our airspace. This did not come simply and luckily, but through hard work,” President Farmaajo has said during a cermonail opening held for the occasion.

The president has also said that country is planning to reinstate the vanished Somali airlines after visiting airport departments in the capital.

“I want to thank all those who took part this to happen including minister for transport and civil aviation, all the staff facilitators in his ministry as well as ICAO which has been managing our airspace for a long time,” he said.

Somalia which is fighting the radical Al-shabaab group is gaining an international attention following decades of turmoil and chaos caused by the civil war.