A Somali MP on Thursday said that he totally rescinded a no confidence motion which he signed against the sitting president earlier this week.

Abdullahi Sha’cir who is a prominent and influential lawmaker has said that he will no longer be part of the ongoing motion which some lawmakers are willing to oust the president.

“ I am here to declare my new decision on the planned motion which is against the serving president. I have changed my stance when I saw the president’s buoyancy and the challanges surrounding on him “the MP has said during a press conference in Mogadishu.

The MP said that no one has forced him abandon the decision, ignoring any calls by the president over his new stance.

He said that over dozens of Somali lawmakers are planning to file a no confidence motion against the Somali president. He did not mention any names involved in the conspiracy.

The Somali parliament have severally impeached premiers in different previous governments including two PMs who worked with Hassan Shiekh Mohamoud.