GAROWE,(SAHALNEWS)-Somalia’s Puntland state on Wednesday appealed an emergency aid as an acute drought bites some of the state’s main regions.

The region which has not received an expected successive rainy season says that over 34,000 households in the region are facing food and water shortages.

“Puntland has launched a wide-ranging humanitarian appeal to secure food, water and other resources for the affected region,” the state has said in a statement sent to int’ll donors.

In the statement, state said that preliminary aid donations have been commenced to tackle the worsening drought crisis that hit in its region.

Over 200K people have been affected by the last year’s drought which also killed hundreds of local animals. Domestic based projects and substantial donor support had reportedly helped Puntland to tackle the crisis at that time.

Now the state is struggling to contain two wars with Al-shabaab and ISIL militants.

Both groups have recently launched deadly attacks in the region.