MOGADISHU,(SAHALNEWS)-Somalia’s military court on Tuesday sentenced four Al-shabaab suspects who are allegedly behind bombings and assassinations in Mogadishu.

The court chief Hassan Ali Nour Shuute has said that the four were found guilty of being Al-shabab group after several court hearing held in the capital.

He said they have planned high profile attacks that killed innocent civilians in Mogadishu including Zoope explosion which left 500 people dead and wounded hundreds of civilians.

The court has released their verdicts as below.
1: Abdulkadir Abukar Shair : Death sentence
2: Mohamed Omar Akile :      Life time prison
3:Daud Mohamed ali :           10 years of prison
4:Abdulahi Ibrahim Geesey :  two years of prison at a military detention.

Al-shabab has recently doubled its attacks in the country.