amxed madobeo

KISMAAYO(SAHALNEWS)-Jubbaland president Ahmed Mohamed Islan Madobe has said that defeating Al-shabaab would require a military tender that can eradicate Al-shabaab from the horn of African country.

The president said that regional administrations and the Federal gov’t must erect the plan, expressing concerns on the group’s recent attacks in southern Somalia.

“Al-shabaab can be defeated with only a joint military which the concerning authorities are conducting on the group’s controlled areas.” the president has said during a media brief in Mogadishu.

“As Jubbaland we have developed plans aimed to withdraw Al-shabaab out of its areas in the region “ the president said.

He said that Somali regional troops are ready to replace 22.000 African peace keeping troops in the country although their missions focus on protecting diplomats and regional interests.

Al-shabaab is seeking to impose radical brand of Sharia to the fragile country which is now recovering from two decades old conflicts.