MOGADISHU,(SAHALNEWS)-Anonymous gunmen on Monday killed an elder in Mogadishu’s Bakaara Market, witnesses and official said. The deceased man was among prominent elders that picked lawmakers for the parliamentary elections earlier this year.

Somali’s Al-shabaab militants have claimed for the attack responsibility, referring him as an opponent to the Sharia principals.

A statement which is posted on a pro al-shabaab website narrowly explained the elder’s death which isthe latest in a string of attacks targeting civilians and elders in the capital.

“The killed elder was planning to prepare security guards for a female senate who is elected from Jowhar “ the group said in its statement.

Al-shabaab is an international terror Network that carry out deadly attacks and an individual assassinations in the capital and elsewhere in the country.

Somalia Gov’t has declared massive war that is aimed to withdraw Al-shabaab from its strongholds in southern regions.