GAROWE,(SAHALNEWS)-Puntland has sent hundreds of its troops to its border along Somaliland to thwart voter registrations which is being declared by its rival neighbor of Somaliland.

The breakaway Somaliland is set to hold its presidential election on November 13 as border tensions reportedly being in an increase scale after the state set up polling stations in disputed towns including Taleeh and Buuhoodle.

“Puntland troops have made significant advances towards Taleeh. We don’t know their number but their presence is clear “ Kaahin Ali who is in Buuhoodle has told reporters by phone.

“Their aim is to halt the expected Somaliland elections in these regions “ he said.

Puntland officials were not available to comment on the reported mission which could also cause profound regional crisis.

The northern territory, which is more tribally homogenous and stable than the rest of Somalia, broke away in 1991 and has been striving to attain international recognition ever since.