MOGADISHU,(SAHALNEWS)-Puntland Gov’t on Wednesday joined nationwide efforts helping Mogadishu’s blast victims by airlifting medics and health experts to the Somali capital.

The state president Abdiwali Mohamed who extensively condemned the barbaric attack in Mogadishu called the bid as severe medical shortages reportedly hit Mogadishu’s main hospitals.

Top Gov’t officials including second deputy parliament speaker and Federal level minsters have received the donation at the airport before taking it into the capital hospitals.

State health ministry has been busy to prepare enough medics for the victims after a state level campaign which the president asked residents to donate their money in the aim of helping their brothers in Mogadishu.

Bosaaso regional administration on Tuesday night held a gathering which many locals donated some money to the Mogadishu victims. More than 100k has been collected at Rowda Mosque in the city. Al-shabaab has been blamed for the attack responsibility.

The death toll from Saturday’s truck bombing in Somalia’s capital is now over 300, the director of an ambulance service said Monday, as this country reeled from the deadliest single attack it’s ever experienced.