KISMAAYO,(SAHALNEWS)-Somali regional states on Wednesday concluded three day long discussions on strengthening their collaboration and reviewing their ties with the Federal Gov’t.

Jubbaland president Ahmed Mohamed Islan Madobe has collectively invited regional leaders for their first meeting held against the Federal government.

Presidents that have participated in the meeting include Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gaas, Ahmed Mohamed Islan , Ahmed Du’alle Haaf, Shariif Hassan Shiekh Adan and Hirshabelle’s leader Mohamed Ali Waare.

In a joint statement released by the leaders, they have deliberately condemned Federal Gov’t over its role on meddling issues on regional administrations.

In the statement, they have jointly called Somali Gov’t to avoid involving Gal-Mudug’s political gridlock, urging wider dialogue which Gal-Mudug itself pacifying its crisis.

The regional administrations also appointed Puntland president to head a new bloc which states will collaborate in their private affairs, naming Mohamed Abdi Waare as the coalition’s deputy chief.

“It’s clear how constitution ministry is misleading the review of the provincial constitution and ignoring roles owned by the regional states, there for the coalition is demanding to be appointed an inclusive commission which works in the constitution” statement reads.

Regional administrations sparred with the Federal Gov’t after siding with Saudi led coalition that blockaded Qatar. Somalia opted to be natural in the gulf crisis.