CADAADO,(SAHALNEWS)-Gal-Mudug deputy parliament speaker Mohamed Aadan Moalin on Tuesday said heavily armed gunmen opened fire on his car in the state’s capital of Adaado.

The DP speaker said that State president Ahmed Du’alle Haaf has perpetrated that attack which he said was a threat against him.

“As you aware we are in a detention facility at the state palace in Adaado . Today I have tried to go outside from the site, but troops taking orders from Haaf opened fire on me, damaging my car “the DP speaker has said in a phone interview with Mogadishu based radio.

“The troops in the palace are not regional forces and specifically taking orders from Haaf “ he said saying that he is under security circumstances along state parliament speaker and deputy president.

Moalim’s allegations comes as ousted president Ahmed Dualle Haaf recently traveled to Kismaayo where regional leaders are having talks on the country’s gridlock politics.

Somalia Gov’t and regional states have been at odds over gulf crisis as most of regional states sided with Saudi led coalition which cut off ties with Qatar.

The Gov’t sided none of the conflicting Arab nations, hailing peace dialogue with the neighbouring nations and end thier rifts.