BOSAASO,(SAHALNEWS)-Puntland president Abdiwali Mohamed Ali on Thursday left the country to join hundreds of Muslims performing Hajj at the holly site of Maka.

Top Gov’t officials including minsters have escorted the president to the airport before a private jet carrying the president take off from Bandar Qasim airport.

The president’s travel to Saudi Arabia comes as state sided with Saudi Arabia led coalition that cut ties with Qatar Government in June this year.

The state also called Somali gov’t to reconsider its position over the gulf crisis as Somali Gov’t called Arab nations to sit down and end their political rifts through brotherly dialogue.

“We urge the Federal gov’t of Somalia to reconsider its position regarding the impending crisis which if not addressed properly, will have lasting and negative consequences for the people of Somalia. Puntland said in a statement on Wednesday.