MOGADISHU,(SAHALNEWS)-Somalia president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has sent a congratulatory massage to his Kenyan counterpart following a heated election held across Kenya.

“President Kenyatta is not only a close friend and brother but also a development conscious and diligent leader.” The president has said in an official statement released after Uhuru Kenyatt declared as winner of Kenyan election.

“We are confident that President Kenyatta’s re-election will usher in a time of further cooperation between the two east African nations ‘ statement reads.

Somali president said that Kenyat’s re-election will also improve region’s stability and economic growth, citing election’s significance.

President Kenyatta of the Jubilee Party garnered 8,203,290 votes (54.27pc) against National Super Alliance (NASA) candidate Raila Odinga’s 6,762,224 votes.

Protests sparked across Kenya after opposition leader boycotted election results.

“It’s been a long wait for the last couple of days. But we were determined that we would be patient and wait for the final result, as indeed have now been declared,” Kenyatta said following the election announcement.