BAYDHABO,(SAHALNEWS)-At least 19 people have killed in fresh clashes between Al-shabaab fighters and militants loyal to former Al-shabaab spokesman Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansur in Bakool region.

Sources said that heavily armed Al-shabaab fighters have launched an attack on a base which Robow had set up to defend against the militants.

“They have repulsed al-Shabab quite well; in the morning it appeared they were going to be overwhelmed but they counter attacked and defended their base.” acting south west president Mohamed Hassan Fiqi has told VOA Somali service.

US state department has recently removed Robow from its wanted list. The department had previously placed 5 million bounty on Robow’s head.

Al-shabaab is reportedly hunting their former leader.

Robow has also reportedly rejected offers from regional officials to leave the area and surrender to the Somali government.