Garissa woman representative Shukran Gure faces an uphill task in reelection. Her Aulihan clan pledged not to support any candidate for that seat.

During the meeting at a hotel last week, which brought together the Aulihan and Samadhal communities, member Abdikadir Shakur said they would support Governor Nathif Jama’s reelection and Yussuf Issa for Senate.

They said they will not support any woman representative aspirant and will leave that decision to voters.The Aulihan clan overwhelmingly voted for Gure in the last election.

In Garissa, like other Northeastern counties, residents choose their leaders according to clan alignment. Candidates have been arranging their clan lineup to increase their chances of winning in the August polls.

The seat has attracted five other candidates. They are Fatuma Kinsi (ODM), Amina Keinan (Kanu), Maryan Sheikh (Third Way Alliance), Ebla Sahal (ANC) and Anab Subow (Jubilee Party).

Gure told the Star on the phone she is confident of retaining her seat.

“I have no problem with my community’s decision not to support any of us. Let us battle on our own and the the people decide whom they deem fit,” Gure said. She added, “Some people might think the move my community took is a political setback to me and that it will dent my reelection, but I can assure you that is not the case.”

Gure said she is no longer the political novice she was in 2013 and her opponents should prepare for a tough battle.

Garissa county has three Ogaden subclans — Samawathal, Abduwak and Aulihan — besides other minority clans and people from other parts of the country known as the ‘corner tribe’.

Gure, Sheikh and Sahal belong to Aulihan, while Kinsi and Keinan are from Samawathal.

Subow is the sole candidate for Abduwak. Subow was picked under the Tolomoge alliance. She is banking on the clan agreement for all Jubilee aspirants in the county.